Tuesday, June 18, 2013

When Phil meets Hannah

I don't often get to hear the author speak about their book I've designed, let alone meet them. I'm not complaining; not at all. I have written before how terribly nervous I am around authors. So awestruck am I that some weird force takes over my powers of speech and I'm like the fumbling Phil from Monday Family . . . but much less funny.

Last night I sat in an intimate room in a Williamstown pub organized by our excellent local independent book shop, Book and Paper, and listened as Hannah Kent spoke generously and eloquently about her journey with ‘Burial Rites’.

When we met during the book signing I managed to keep it together, just; she was so beautifully humble. But I mentioned that the clever publisher at Macmillan had forwarded on a You Tube of the Swedish musician, Lykke Li, which really resonated for Hannah, and was a perfect piece of inspiration for a designer. Here it is again here.

And although it's enough to make any keen wordsmith hang up their writing gloves, you can read her fascinating insight into her BR journey here. It was first published in the literary journal that is co-published by Hannah, Kill Your Darlings.


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