Thursday, May 15, 2014

Let's get this party started

It's been bubbling away for months and now the time has come to put your money behind this fabulous new initiative called the Australian Book Designers Association, ABDA.

Individual annual membership is $50.

Companies can choose to become ‘Company’ members based on the number of books they publish per annum as detailed below.

Publishers who publish less than 10 books per year    $75
Publishers who publish between 11–25 books per year     $150
Publishers who publish between 26–75 books per year     $300
Publishers who publish more than 75 books per year     $500

The ABDA annual membership fee will go towards building the virtual home. ABDA is, of course, non-profit.

FYI: this ABDA membership fee is separate from the Awards party, which is being organised now.

Awards entry has its own fee and the Awards Party has a ticket price - but for ABDA Members both Awards entry fee and Party ticket will be *hugely* reduced from last year's prices.

The 'call for entry' window will be from Jun 1 to July 2. The party will be on Friday, August 22 in Melb CBD. A call out will be announced very soon (and submitting will be much easier than in previous years).

Please email me for a membership form – individual or company.

Thanks everyone. We need you to get on board now. We've got a party to pay for.

Sandy Cull
On behalf of the ABDA committee.


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