Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Australian book design

I'm about to go off to do an industry session for Jo Waite at the publications subject in the RMIT Graphic Design course. It has set me thinking about the particular qualities of Australian design.

Awhile ago I met a New York designer who'd studied for a year at Swinburne and his comment about Australian design was that because the stakes weren't as high here as in the US, and we had tight budgets, designers here were willing to take risks that they weren't on the other side of the Pacific, which made Australian design much more interesting, even when projects were intended to be quite commercially. I think it's true of our theatre too, and maybe of Australian arts culture in general.

Another comment I came across about Australian design that I particularly liked is that it marries passion with pragmatism.


  1. The idea of 'Australian design' is such an interesting one and is something that a lot of people have strong feelings about.
    I do agree that Australian's have their own design style and there are websites like www.australianinfront.com.au devoted to promoting and inspiring Australian designers.

  2. Thanks for the tip about www.australianinfront.com.au

  3. An American book designer who has relocated to Australia here... I can certainly attest that Australian design is highly-regarded in the US book publishing industry. I think creative/innovative ideas are green-lighted more easily here than in the States. Perhaps it's due to the differing size of the economies? Or the fact that Australian population (and therefore customer base) has a much larger percentage of city-dwellers where the US population is more evenly distributed between rural, suburban, and urban? It makes for a different customer, I think...

    Just theories of course, this is something I think about quite a bit!