Wednesday, August 18, 2010

This'll do your head in

Hi All,

Cheers to Sandy for setting up the blog, well done. Saw this cover in my local bookstore yesterday.

Not sure if it is a local design or not. The book is Sleepless by Charlie Huston. Must be the best example of some optical fun since Stefan Sagmeister's Made you look. Strangely, it was the one cover in a sea of books that I noticed. Maybe because I was busy imagining how you get a piece like this through the sales and marketing dept of a large publishing house. The text is completely illegible up close and only becomes readable when you move about a metre or two away. Bit of fun...

Phil Campbell


  1. Yay Phil. What an interesting cover meeting that would have been. I have been thinking it might be fun to start a 'gallery of broken dreams' here perhaps. One was started many years ago at Penguin but it was quickly deemed 'unhelpful'. It's so true that some of the best designs simply can't get over the sales and marketing hurdle, sometimes for good reason, sometimes not. A good point for another post sometime.

  2. That's just evil. I love it.