Monday, November 15, 2010

Book nerds unite!

Vive la Bibliophile!
Recto verso vici!

Over the weekend I had a team of authors invade my house. One by one they filed through my living room and gravitated towards my bookshelves, like bees to honey. As they poured over the collection amassed by myself and the SNH (Shiny New Husband) I was reminded that books are a shared joy, not just something to be quietly (and sometimes not so quietly) enjoyed on your own. Loved novels can be passionately discussed while large pictorial books are constant sources of inspiration and conversation.

The bookshelves themselves are a realisation of a life-long dream. I am immensely proud of my Wall 'O Book-style shelves that spans the length and height of an entire wall in my studio. A home library is an awesome sight.

The look, the feel and the shear mass of books is an exciting spectacle. So for lovers of books I give you: Bookshelf Porn.

Images sourced from Bookshelf Porn


  1. Astrid,

    Thanks, I really enjoyed these pics! It made me stop and consider that if I ever stop being a nomad, I'd love to create my own little book cave!



  2. Thanks Astrid. I share your book shelf appreciation. A room without music and books is dull indeed. A wall of books makes me smile always and when people are around, they gravitate there without thinking. They probably borrow one or two, it starts a discussion, and presto . . . connection. Thanks.