Sunday, November 21, 2010

meet fredrik

and thank you for all the wonderful postings! I have been wanting to contribute for a while, I am slowly surfacing into the land of the living as opposed to just working. I certainly welcome any tips/ideas on managing work flow, all sounded great at the beginning of the year, the large project spreads out then for one reason or another they all feel at the same time.

Inspired by the earlier posting about books in/as living spaces I have attached one of my favs, the stairwell.

I have been studing book binding for quite a few years now from islamic (500) to clever contemporary inventions. Much to my distress my teacher is moving back to france with the only upside being I had the opportunity to buy fredrik - the tpye block machine. So while I should be learning how to design interactive books here I am setting and heating lead type for hot stamping foils or debossing. I dream about starting up a collaborative letterpress studio one day.

So to jump topics again, if you get a chance to check out 'The Entire Beast' I thought it was a very clever and playful idea/concept executed superbly. Great for a chuckle, amazing shots and something different.

And if you feel like reading more about type


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