Thursday, January 31, 2013

IDEAS for the APA panel welcome

The 7th Annual Book Design Discussion Panel in the Sydney Writers Festival (and later perhaps in the MWF) is in its planning stages and brought to you by Australian Publishers Association (‘APA’)Professional Development. 

The event will take place on Friday morning 24th May – the ‘morning after’ the APA Annual Book Design Awards at the Powerhouse Museum.

The APA want to know what you’d like to hear about. What’s pushing your design buttons this year? Who would you like to hear speak?  But best of all – they want your creative brains to think up a great catchy title. If you win – they'll acknowledge you at the event and make you famous. In a way.

Previous titles that you can’t use: The Look of the Book: celebrating Australian book design; Where Did you get THAT idea?; The Inside Out of Book Design: it’s not all Black and White; Book design Now and Forever: designing for different genres; Book Design Uncovered; Book Design: The Story from Back to Front.

Dee Read welcomes your input. Please contact her with your thoughts and ideas at:

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  1. I know the future of the printed page is not a new topic by any means. But a discussion about how we read differently on screen and paper and how design can be put to full effect to enhance this experience would be interesting (and frighteningly relevant?!)